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There is no shortage of research stating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – I’m sure you’ve heard. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, sets the tone for your blood sugar throughout the day and ensures your day is off to the best start possible. Not all breakfasts are created equal though, and over the years I have played a lot with what I break my fast with. Remember, everyone is different and everyone’s days look different. An average day for me looks like training in the morning for 2-3hours and then same again in the afternoon, so my breakfast choices might look different to someone sitting or working all day.

Bulletproof Coffee
For a long while, I struggled to eat first thing in the morning. My body needs a good hour to start to feel like it wants food. Combine this with not being a morning person and I’d find myself looking for a liquid breakfast I can down in the car on the way to training – don’t judge me.One such option I tried was Bulletproof Coffee, also known as mountain coffee due to copyright infringements. It’s basically espresso mixed with medium-chain triglycerides (an MCT oil like coconut oil) and butter, shaken up and it is undeniably delicious, trust me.

The science states that the fats within the MCT Oil and butter facilitate optimal hormonal production and combined with the humble coffee bean you have yourself a pretty rad way to start the day.

When my training was lower and I was working in an office all day, a bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning was ace. My mind was sharper than ever and I was full through the early afternoon. Just beware that the MCT oil can be quite disruptive on the tummy if you go too hard too fast. Start small with just a teaspoon then build from there providing your gut can handle it.

“My mind was sharper than ever”

Eggs, Beans & Toast.
This is my go-to right now. I grab some wholemeal or sourdough bread with butter, a couple of tablespoons of baked beans draped on top and two fried eggs on top of that. Eggs for breakfast have been a favourite for a really long time, the protein in the whites and the fat in the yolk aids recovery from the day before and keeps me full for longer than the whites alone. I always get the most free-range I can find, a couple of extra dollars for my piece of mind is totally worth it. Even then, I look forward to having a place where I can tend to the chickens myself, that way I know exactly how the hens are being treated.

I am not scared to add a little extra fat to my breakfasts, I butter my toast and place a knob into the pan to fry my eggs. I have found over the years that the higher fat content I have in my diet, the more content I am, the less I snack throughout the day and the less I crave. Everyone is different, so play with this and see what works for you.

Cold Pressed Juice.
A cold pressed juice for breakfast is a great option for digestive health and energy. By taking in a juice first thing in the morning, you allow your digestive system to keep resting even after you wake. I found that the energy my body would otherwise use to digest my breakfast ended up going to other things like brain function, recovery and being active. I found this difficult (and a little expensive) to do every single day, but it was great for a few days in a row as a detox.

The Perfect Combo
A few years back I got a whole nutritional program from a body building nutrition coach. It was a program designed to help me loose fat and gain lean muscle. In hindsight, I was looking outside of myself to help me feel better about my body – turns out I needed a little self reflection and healing, rather than a meal plan – but hey, we live and learn. The program had some great things in it though. The key here is the combination of fats, carbs and protein and how they work together to give your body the optimal start to the day.

“Turns out I needed a little self-reflection and healing, rather than a meal plan.”

Here are some of the breakfast options.
1 cup of oats made with water,½ a banana, peanut butter and a scoop of chocolate protein powder.

Protein pancakes with 1 whole egg, 1 egg white and ½ cup of oats, cinnamon to taste.
2 egg-white scramble with capsicum, mushrooms, onion and spinach. ½ cup of oats with water and ½ banana.

Cereal or Muesli
Cereal or Muesli for breakfast is not always a terrible choice – it really depends on the choice you make. Anything with a high sugar content is going to spike your blood sugar and you’ll crash and burn before 10am. Not ideal. The more whole the grain, the better, as it takes longer for the body to digest and delivers sustained energy for longer. Look for untoasted muesli’s, or better yet make something yourself!.

“High sugar content is going to spike your blood sugar and you’ll crash and burn before 10 am. Not ideal.”

Also consider what you are putting in your cereal or muesli. I prefer yoghurt personally, I pick the full fat, no sugar options which are generally greek yoghurt. Like above, the full fat version keeps me satiated for longer and generally have no or less added sugar. Be aware of the low fat versions as they often have more sugar to make them taste good.
Nutrition really is a personal thing. Try each of these options and take notice of how your body feels, how you can concentrate and how long they last before you start to feel hungry again. Remember the human body is meant to feel amazing, anything less than bouncing off the walls and inspired means you’ve not quite nailed it. Listen to yourself, trust yourself and allow yourself the space to experiment.

“Remember, the human body is meant to feel amazing.”

I’d love to know how this goes for you, reach of on Instagram @becchara and let me know!

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